Brand Activation

An animated film that takes audiences on a surreal UBER experience, from booking, to pickup, the journey, the Party and the ride home. All animated to a bespoke underground music track and projected onto a world renowned Graffiti artist’s canvas, on the banks of the Brisbane river for a month.

Optimist transformed this unassuming riverside bar into an illuminated art piece for 6 minutes, 3 times a night, for 25 nights during Brisfest. 

The Six Minute piece takes the audience on an abstract and surreal journey of a night on the town with UBER:

The Intro - The Connection - The Pickup - Cruising - The Party - The Outro

Working with Electronic beat creators; Common Underground, we produced a bespoke music score that complimented the animation and added a next level element.

Once installed, the show was completely automated meaning it didn’t require any staff to run the shows. As the show was interstate for such a long duration, we set up remote access to allow maintenance from anywhere in the world.

A Complete success.


Animation Concept Development / Creative Direction / Animation / Projection Mapping / Programming

Agency: 40-40 Creative / Juddy Roller

Client: Uber / Brisbane Festival

Artwork:  SOFLES

Creative Direction/Editing/Producing: Pat Taylor

3D Modeling:  James Johnson

Art direction/Animation: Shan Hoyne

Additional Animation: Lisa Cope, Adam Singer

Original soundtrack :Common Underground

Sound Design: Nylon Studios