Maltesers Block

Launch campaign

Creative Direction, Motion Design

Agency: Creaytive

Client: MARS

Working closely with the exceptionally talented FMCG marketing design team at Creaytive,
Optimist developed a motion campaign that not only magically allowed a print KV to come to life,
but also, through understanding of the brand, created a series of animations that projected Maltesers
into a new marketplace through visual communication.
Given the brief to make a static KV come to life over 6-10 seconds, we reveled in the challenge.
Given nothing but a static print image, we re-built the hyper-realistic chocolate experience from scratch.
Through the process, we imagined the best camera angles, best lighting and best textures to make the product look
not just its best, better than best.
We then took careful consideration to all global brand guidelines when developing the narrative to the short piece; how does the Maltesers bubble form, react to the gravity in the space, and then form as its own bubbly shape.
How does this shape form from the central block.If a wrap occurs, it must be respectful to the high-end chocolate of its category, therefore it needs to float/flutter like a royal silk.
once enveloped around the bar, the final resolve must present this beautiful bar in it's best light, and most modest packaging.
The lights will dance off the foil, highlighting the slight textured finish of the press and creating a hyper-real, yet believable environment in which this malts bar and its bubbly offshoot pieces may exist…

Overall, a completely successful campaign was executed in vertical and landscape formats across multiple platforms